Mr B of Rutland required £200,000.00 to purchase a building plot –
this was arranged in 2 working days, we were happy to lend this on the security offered and 9 months later he was able to refinance as a completely finished house.

Mr M of Rochdale needed £220.000.00 to build a 5 bedroom house –
he owned the land and we gave him the funds drawn down in 4 stages of the constuction so he was only charged any interest on the various amounts outstanding.

Mr R of Poole used our bridging to buy at a property auction –
we agreed a facility of up to £250,000.00, this was secured on another property he owned.

Mr A of Taunton used our funds of £90,000.00 for the renovation of a barn and made a substantial profit.

We are happy using Woodstream Finance for many reasons – its bridging made easy and with no messing around the deals are professionally dealt with by their efficient staff – The Mortgage Centre, Bolton.

Whenever I need to recommend a bridging loan company it will always be Woodstream first – because I know the response is second to none –
L&R Brokers, Bournemouth.